Cavity Interposition Remedial Instrument

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  • Brand:    Songhang
  • Type:    ZRL-Ⅱ-A

Cavity Interposition Remedial Instrument


Instrument Features:


☆ Its made up of master and electrode-balloon catheter.

Treatment temperature setting range 38-45 ℃, temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.4 ℃, temperature accuracy ± 0.5 ℃, over-temperature alarm  set temperature +2.0 ℃

☆ For different patients can personalize treatment programs, reasonable control treatment temperature, the output intensity, duration of treatment.

Treatment of the whole process of intelligent, real-time temperature measurement, intelligent temperature control, automatic control of output power, security and stability, easy to operate.

The electromagnetic radiation therapy device without shielded room, facilitate communication with patients.

☆ Electrode-balloon catheter can be accurately positioned in the B-guidance.


Electrode-balloon catheter (Cavity Interposition Remedial Instrument's application part)


Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project, enterprises with independent intellectual property rights,its patent No. is ZL 2005 1 0023690.3.       

Set intervention targeted drug delivery, local hyperthermia as a whole, to develop new ways to treat urological diseases. As esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis adjuvant therapy.

Imported medical silicone rubber material, soft and smooth tube, intubation relaxed, good compatibility with human tissue, indwelling long time.

☆ Equipped with multi-cavity shaped cavity of the inner tube double sac effectively closed cavity formed within the cavity treatment area, through drug injection, the implementation of targeted drug therapy. 
RF coil and the coil temperature is fixed to the tube wall hyperthermia sac, and a temperature sensor, ready to learn real-time temperature inside the cavity.

Plug connector end of the tube cavity intervention instrument. Cavity intervention comfortable, flexible and reliable positioning, targeted drug delivery channels suitable, no leakage between the cavity and the cavity, safe and reliable.

Therapeutic range
Suitable intervention cavity and esophagus cancer, bladder cancer, prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis adjuvant therapy.
Type: ZRL-F1, ZRL-F2, ZRL-F3
Size: 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr




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