3-way double balloon

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  • Brand:    Songhang
  • Type:    4.0Ⅲ10-3,4.7Ⅲ10-3,5.3Ⅲ10-3,6.0Ⅲ10-3

Disposable three way double balloon sterile catheter




☆ Owned utility model patents, its patent No. isZL03227033.X.
☆ The catheter has dobule balloon, and has front end positioning balloon in order to bladder neck closure.

☆ There are the injection holes between the positioned balloon and the closed balloon. The catheter can be targeted injection.

Use pure medical silicone rubber for production, good compatibility with human tissue, suitable for longer retention.


Model: 4.0Ⅲ10-3、4.7Ⅲ10-3、5.3Ⅲ10-3、6.0Ⅲ10-3


Scope of application:

Urology used for injection drugs.


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