Drainage System

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  • Brand:    Songhang
  • Type:    FQ-100-B1, FQ-100-B2, FQ-400-B1, FQ-400-B2, FQ-100-Y1~Y6, FQ-400-Y1~Y6

Drainage System




☆ The special design of flat drainage tube can prevents adhesion of the tubular body.

☆ The special process ensure the tube has 160 holes on both sides smoothness and consistency.

☆ There is a special valve in the negative pressure ball, no backflow and safety and reliable.
☆ Use pure medical silicone rubber for production, it has the following advantage: safety, effective, long retention time.


Model: FQ-100-B1,  FQ-100-B2,  FQ-400-B1,  FQ-400-B2,  FQ-100-Y1~Y6,  FQ-400-Y1~Y6


Scope of application:

Medical institutions for patients with effusion drainage. 

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