Three-way Foley Catheter

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Three-way Foley Catheter




☆ Use pure medical silicone rubber for production, difficult to produce urine crystallize inside the tube body, less prone to adhesions between the catheter and tissue, suitable for longer retention and drainage.
☆ Well-made, tube and guide head smooth, balloon and tube bonding smooth, easy operation, let the patient feel comfortable

☆  Guide head and tube have development line in order to  facilitate positioning in the X-ray.

☆ Three-way foley catheter can be used for both urinary bladder irrigation and drainage.
Use color to differentiate specifications, for clinical choice, easy to use.

Model:Ⅱ type:8Fr-26Fr

           Ⅲ type:14Fr-26Fr


Scope of application:

Urology for catheterization, drainage, flushing


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